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Blandin Broadband Communities Program

The Blandin Broadband Communities (BBC) program is an intensive, two-year parnership between rural Minnesota communities (cities, counties, tribes, or other self-identified communities of interest or place) and the foundation. Selected communities work through a proven process to define their technology goals, measure current levels of broadband access and use, and seek technical assistanc…

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Broadband Innovation Grants

The Broadband Innovation Grant Program provides matching funds to eligible applicants in rural Minnesota communities for projects that promote access, adoption and use of broadband technologies. Access strategies are designed to improve a community’s access to broadband services, either communitywide or in targeted locations. Adoption strategies are designed to overcome barriers to…

Community Broadband Resources Program Image

Community Broadband Resources Program

Across Minnesota, communities vary widely in their level of technological savvy and involvement. Blandin Foundation promotes the active engagement of communities in ensuring their own telecommunications and technology vitality, ranging from market development activities to infrastructure and service improvements. Community Broadband Resources (CBR) provides assistance to communities in t…

Robust Network Feasibility Fund Grants Image

Robust Network Feasibility Fund Grants

Since 2007, the Robust Network Feasibility Fund has provided matching grants to communities to support the cost of research of the feasibility of geographically based broadband networks. The words “feasibility study” mean different things to different people and can refer to technical, financial, organizational or political components of a proposed development. A feasibility s…

1-4 of 4 items

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