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    Perhaps nowhere is broadband’s ability to bust through the 20th century mindset of being limited to the resources that lie directly in front of you, be they books or people, than in the realm of education. 

    • Knowledge used to be finite, restricted to the bookshelves of local libraries, and finding that information meant thumbing through hundreds if not thousands of pages of text to find what you where looking for.
    • Learning was confined to interactions with teachers or classmates when at class in person or after school.
    • And you used to be left to your own devices when it came to studying, with the only tools at your disposal were those that you physically created and carried around.

    Broadband has dramatically shifted these paradigms.

    Knowledge is infinite. You can access the limitless resources of the global library, which not only offers more information, but delivers new ways of finding and interacting with that information, opening up new paths to discovering that which you need to know.

    • Classrooms are no longer bound by concrete walls. Virtual classrooms can be created where students can attend class and collaborate from afar, and teachers can pull in new multimedia material and stay better connected with students once they leave the classroom.
    • You can access a wealth of dynamic tools to help enhance studying and keep better organized as you juggle the demands of student life.
    • And all sorts of new experiences are becoming available, like the use of online gaming to create educational opportunity or the ability to learn a language not just from books and tapes but through interactive rich media websites and the ability to communicate with and learn from native speakers.

    These are just a few of the possibilities broadband makes possible in education, and the future is rife with potential to further enhance the learning experience as future generations are not only more comfortable using these tools but begin to demand they be used to realize the most robust learning environment possible.

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